NControl- Skid Car!

We enrolled Walker into a driving school a few months back. It has been the BEST thing to help him build confidence and knowledge about driving. It was a little pricey but we feel it has been so worth it!
Saturday he had his Skid Car Session. They take them out to a parking lot and help them learn several maneuvers. Three point turns, parallel parking, slalom, accident avoidance, and how to manage a skid. It lasted 3 hours. 
 Walker is there on the far right walking to the car. It’s the only pic I have of him. 🙁 Hard to take pictures inside the car with tinted windows. 😛 
Three point turn. 
Parallel parking. 
I don’t have pics of the accident avoidance or slalom…bummer. 
The car on the left is the skid car. If you look closely you can see the small wheels attached to the outside of the car. Those are hooked up to a computer that allows them to raise and lower the car to give the kids practice on recovering from a skid. It’s pretty cool! I wish I could have tried it! 😀
Here he is giving it a whirl! 🙂 He did so awesome! I think everyone should take these classes. They do such an amazing job!

Today was his last driving session. He completed the course and is ready to take his road test tomorrow!! 🙂

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