Fall Break-2016

We had a low key Fall Break this year. Alayna, Eli and I were sick most of it. We did have the chance to go out together as family to eat lunch a couple of times and we went
to see “Magnificent 7”. 
It was really good but maybe a little over what Alayna was ready to watch. We tried reading the parent movie sites that help you decide. She just has a tender heart. We know next time to be more considerate. 
One morning Eli and Alayna woke up and made waffles for everyone. They did a fantastic job!!!
It happens to the best of us! LOL!!!
We ran over to Walmart and the kids thought it would be fun to dog pile piggy back on Walker! LOL!!!
We were all laughing so hard!!! Hahaha!!! I’m sure the other shoppers thought we were crazy! That’s ok…we were having a lot of fun! LOL!!!
Alayna and Eli had friends over several days and hung out. 
Walker as I posted before got his driver’s license this week and has been driving around now. It makes me so nervous but he’s doing great! He took his PSAT’s on Saturday and we are crossing our fingers he did well. Scholarships are heavily merited on your Jr. year scores. Now we just need to get him and Eli Eagle Scout Projects in the works! 🙂 
I did manage to see my friend Amy on Thursday and she did some reflexology/trauma therapy work on me. It has been a HUGE help for my stress/anxiety. So grateful for her!
It wasn’t as exciting as Disney or the the beach like some years but that’s ok. We all needed some down time together. Sometimes what your soul needs is family! <3

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