Homecoming 2016

Let me catch you up on a few things. I posted about Walker asking Janee to Hoco (that’s what the cool kids call it these days 😛 ) she loved it and was going to reply by getting a sheet and cutting holes in it. She was going to add a note saying: “Holy sheet!!! Yes I’ll go to Hoco with you!” We died when Walker told us that! So funny!!! LOL!!
Unfortunately she had a conflict with her group she does plays with. They were having a performance that night. Darn it! 🙁 
We talked with Walker about it to see if there was anyone else he thought he might like to go with? He mentioned a girl he’s had a few classes with be he didn’t know her very well. The next week he got up his nerve and at the end of class walked over to her and just asked her in class. 🙂 After doing a big “ask” for Janee he felt a little deflated and wasn’t entirely sure Elizabeth would say yes..lol!
Well I’ve always known Walker is a “catch” but it’s awesome when BOTH girls you ask say (or wanted to say) YES!
He did say it was a little awkward since it was at the end of class. She was caught off guard and surprised. I’m sure she had 100 thoughts of excitement, what she going to wear, giddiness, and all sorts of emotions ran through her mind in those few seconds. It’s what girls do..LOL! 😛 But she said YES right then! Woohoo!

Planning for Homecoming was a bit of a mountain moving experience for all of us. 😛 Walker really stepped up to the plate and took charge. He made the plans and got everyone to commit. It was really great to see his maturity with it all.  The biggest issue he had is that he still hasn’t gotten his license yet. He’s really close but just needs more hours on the road before he can comfortably drive another human being around town. 😛 So we had to make sure his friend Nelson was able to double and provide the taxi service he needed. After everything was finalized after a few 1000 texts, phone calls, and more texts the day arrived and we were all grateful! 😀

Walker got up at 4:30am that morning and the kids went on a sunrise hike up at Usery Pass. Walker provided breakfast for everyone. Blueberry muffins and juice. It was a gorgeous morning he said. 🙂
My friend Tennille has a wedding business with her husband. She does flower arrangements and I asked her if she could make us a corsage. She said she’d be happy to. We went and picked it up after he got home. She did a beautiful job!
 We took Walker shopping earlier in the week to get him a suit and a tie to match Elizabeth’s dress. We were so happy she chose an easy color to match. Navy blue is pretty and simple to find! 
Jared helping Walker put on cologne! LOL! He’s saying,”I’m going to squirt this and you walk through it.” LOL!
Getting everything in order, checking to make sure he has his wallet and tickets. 🙂

Final hair check. 😀

He cleans up pretty well right!?! He looks SO handsome!!! I was so excited and emotional! LOL! Very nostalgic day as I thought about Jared and I doing this about 23 years ago! So nuts!
Nelson picked him up from the house and then they went to get their dates. We met them at a park and I took their pictures for the dance. Apparently they don’t offer pictures at the event anymore. Who knew? The park was PACKED with a billion kids. We luckily found a little corner with some shade that offered a good place to take them. 
Walker & Elizabeth
I mean come on!!!! Such an adorable couple!!!! My heart is just a puddle! 
I love seeing their personalities shine! 😀
Nelson & Hailey
Jared & Sophia 
Ben & Emma
And just like that they were off for an awesome night! 🙂
Walker chose Rigatony’s for dinner. He loves that place. They had a nice time at dinner but I guess it didn’t take quite as long as they thought so they went over to Nelson’s for games for a while. They headed to the dance and cut a rug and then he was home by 11:30pm. 
I wanted all the details as soon as he got home but he was so tired from waking up so early that morning and staying out so late he came in took a shower and hit the sack! LOL! It was hard to be patient! 
I’m so happy he was able to go. The group of friends were really great and everyone had a memorable time! 😀

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