Youth Conference- Remember

Every year we have Youth Conference with the youth in our Ward ages 14-18. It’s a weekend filled with spiritual classes, a trip to some fun activity, lots of food, games, and friends! 
This year was my first year going. I was called into Young Women just after they held it last year. 
The theme this year was “Remember” based off of the scripture from 3 Nephi 2.
The scripture talks about how the people began to forget the signs and wonders which God had shown them. They began to be less and less astonished at a sign or wonder from heaven and their hearts began to harden, their minds became blind, and they started to not believe all that they had heard and seen. 
Friday night we started off with dinner and classes. We had some excellent speakers talk about the importance of journaling so when we go through difficult times we can look back at the miracles and the grace of God that helped us to get through. 
We had another speaker talk about the Holy Ghost and how important it is to have him as our constant companion. 
The third speaker spoke about miracles and it was beautiful. She happens to be a very diligent journaler (probably not a real word 😛 ) and shared this quote that I loved with us. 
“The faintest ink is better than the brightest memory.” 
She shared several miracles that she has been blessed with in her life and it was inspiring! 
Saturday morning we got up EARLY! We met at the church at 5am to head up to Canyon Lake for wake boarding and tubing! The night before I had told Bishop I saw the weather forecast for rain. 
He said, “It won’t rain!!!!” 
I said, “Well what if it does?” 
He said, “It won’t rain!!!” 
I said, “You don’t have a plan B do you?
He said, “Oh it never rains in the morning!”
I just had to laugh. He was so adamant I just let it go and said, “Ok Bishop! LOL!”  
Well wouldn’t you know what happened??? Hahaha!!!!
Ok so there was some “minor” photo editing to that image. 😛  This is what it really looked like. 
It did rain a decent amount and there was thunder and lightening for a while. We had to dock the boats and find cover until the storm passed. The rest of the day ended up being gorgeous. I guess you could say that was our Youth Conference Miracle! 😀 But I don’t plan on letting Bishop live it down just yet! Haha!
Walker LOVES tubing!! Love that smile! 🙂
After the lake we met back at the church for lunch. Everyone headed home to shower and we met back around 2pm for games. They had a slide show from Trek and ended the evening with dinner. 
Pudding Pictionary anyone? 😛
Sunday evening we finished the weekend with a testimony meeting. The Spirit was so strong as the Youth bore their testimony of different aspects of the weekend and how it personally affected them. These teenagers are impressive! They are so strong in the Gospel and they taught me a lot that night. It was a perfect way to end Conference! 

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