Eli’s New Calling

Eli was called and set apart on Sunday to be the new Deacon’s Quorum 2nd Counselor! 🙂
I had to post this. It just expresses his personality to a “T”! LOL!! 
We are so proud of Eli for being a good example to the boys in his Quorum and that the Lord feels he can serve them in this capacity. He is our “gatherer”. He loves to bring people together and have a great time. He doesn’t care what age or if you have much in common. He just loves bringing people together and making them feel included. He is always cooking up ideas! 😛 He boils over with energy every day. I don’t know where he gets it from! LOL! 
He will be a great addition to the Presidency! 🙂
President- Bryce Flores
1st Counselor- Bryan Ramirez
2nd Counselor- Eli Kitch
Secretary- Royce Flores

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