Eli Started the Guitar

Eli and I were talking a few weeks ago after I heard this amazing acoustic guitar player on the TV playing beautifully. I’ve ALWAYS love the acoustic guitar. It just speaks to my soul. Maybe it’s because I grew up around music as a child? My dad was always in bands and several of my uncles play as well. I can’t say for sure but I do know I LOVE it!!
I was telling Eli he should learn how to play. He said, “Sign me up for lessons!” Well I guess that would help! 😛 My friend’s son plays. He’s never taught before. He’s a Sr. in High School this year and after talking with her we felt like maybe it would be a good place for both Eli and Chandler to start! 😛
He had his 1st lesson today and he’s already loving it and sounding pretty good! 🙂
He caught me!!! LOL! 😛
I think it’s really cool that they are both gaining something from this experience. 🙂 

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