Back to School 2016-2017!

Today the kids went back to school!!! 
Summer flew by! About 2 weeks ago I got an email from the district saying school was going to start and it stopped me in my tracks. I wasn’t ready AT ALL!! I’ve had so much on my plate. School was the furthest thing from my mind. However, I pulled myself together, got the kids most of what they needed, and off they went!
I couldn’t decide which collage I liked better. So…why not post both!!! 😀
One thing that has been freaking me out a little is that Jared and I met and started dating when I was a Junior. Walker is a Junior this year. How on earth is that possible??? It’s blowing my mind!!! LOL!!
I made our traditional chocolate chip cookies for when they got home and we talked all about their day. Everyone seemed to have had a good day…that’s a plus in my book! 🙂 Here we go!!!

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