1st Homecoming Proposal

So Wednesday after school Walker comes in and says he wants to ask a girl from his Government Class to Homecoming!!!! 
WHAAAAAATTTT!!!????!!!! He turned 16 this summer and this will be his 1st school dance!
I was all butterflies and giddy!!! LOL!!!
Once Walker decides something he wants to do it right away. So we Pinterested some ideas, Googled more ideas. Came up with one and then we couldn’t find what we needed so we went with Plan B. 🙂
I was so sad I had to go to a Presidency Meeting and couldn’t go with him to deliver it but Jared got to go and I gave strict instructions on taking pictures! 😛 
So to explain why his name is misspelled with “Q’s” is he decided last year he feels the letter “K” is a redundant letter in the alphabet. “Q” is under used, makes the same sound, and looks much cooler. It’s an inside joke with a lot of his friends. So he signed his name that way…LOL!!
We actually had no idea where she lived. However, we know she is in our Stake and Jared is the Ward Clerk so with his access to Directories we figured it out in just a few minutes! Boy that is super helpful!!! 😛 Hidden extra blessings for serving the Lord! LOL!!!
Here he is running up to Ding Dong Ditch it at the door! 😀 So exciting!!! 
Time to jump in the get away car! LOL!!! He looks serious! 😛
So now we wait for her answer! This is the hard part! EEEEEK!!! 🙂

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