Prelims 2016!!

Alayna’s Prelims were Thursday afternoon and it was a scorcher!!!!!
We did what we could to make the best of things but July in AZ just feels like scorched Earth!!! LOL!!
Walker wasn’t feeling good and I just started a new antibiotic which makes me feel pretty crummy. We had to go and a support our swimmer though so we sucked it up and tried to not pass out! LOL!!!
Warm-up was at 4pm and she didn’t have her 1st race until 7:30pm. There were so many swimmers and families. That place was packed like sardines! 
We had tried to get a better position to see her swim the 50 meter freestyle. In doing so we lost track of where she was in the line up and we MISSED her race!!! Ya…..Parents of the Year right here!!! 🙁 
I was heart sick!!!!
She came running back to tell us she got 1st place in her heat! (This doesn’t mean she had the fastest time however. They have several heats and only the top 16 get to move on to the Championships next week.) Then we had to tell her we stink as parents and missed it! We saw her just as she was getting out of the water…sigh….She took it pretty well. She had one more race and it is her favorite stroke… the 25 meter Butterfly!!
This girl swam her little heart out. Butterfly is the most difficult stroke if you ask me and she came in 1st again for her heat!! She loves it!!
We finally finished at 8:30pm. Four and a half ours outside was crazy town. 
We survived…somehow! 😛
Here is how she stacked up by the end of the night…
She placed 14th for Breaststroke!
And she placed 11th for Butterfly!!!
What does that mean??? She’s going to the Championships baby!!!!! 😀 We are SO proud of her!!!
Let’s kick it up another notch next week Alayna!

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