He Survived!

Saturday morning Walker and the rest of the Youth made it home from Trek. They were all dirty, tired, and ready to go home. 😛 
It sure was good to see that face! 😀
The following pictures were taken by leaders on Trek. Somehow my kids never make it into photos..LOL! I’ll help point out when he’s in one and if you squint real hard and turn your head to the side you might be able to make him out in one or two! LOL!!!!
This “family” is Walker’s Trek Family! 🙂 If you look hard he’s the one “behind” (of course..lol) the handcart on the right side. You can see the top of his hat above the blue tarp. 😛
Walker’s Ma and Pa were Bro. and Sis. Trudeau. His Big Bro. was Brother Reeves and Big Sis. was Sis. Evanson. His Family Members were Caroline, Megan, Victoria, Joel, Tyler, Preston, and Mitchell.
Look!! This is the best one I’ve found of him! He’s the one in the green shirt on the right!!! 😀 Bro. Trudeau is the one on the far left in the yellow shirt. We love the Trudeau’s! <3 
Time for journaling and reflection. 
They had different stops along the way. Looks like this one had some much needed cold otter-pops! Not sure how “authentic” that is..hehehe! But I’m sure in 90+ temps no one was thinking about that!
My mouth is watering…YUM!
Walker is in the middle to the left in the green shirt and brown hat with his face down. Waiting on the Women’s Pull to get up there. 
The Women’s Pull is where all the men let the women pull the wagon. As the pioneers crossed the plains many of them died along the way. Some families were left with only mothers and children to continue the journey. The Women’s Pull is to give the participants an idea of what that must have been like. The carts are very heavy, the terrain is very rough, and the hill was very steep! 
Sister Esperson and Sister Cowgur. 

In Sacrament on Sunday the Youth were invited to share their thoughts about Trek. The most mentioned topic was the Women’s Pull. The women thought is was really difficult, exhausting, and doubt crept in as they were pulling their handcarts. From the men it was difficult for them to watch these women, their Family Members, struggle. It brought us all to tears as we heard them share how much they wanted to help them but knew they couldn’t. So poignant!!!

Walker’s Family. You can see his legs behind the handcart. 😛
Walker is in green behind Joel in the striped shirt. Boy they look hot and sweaty!

Some much needed down time and fun!
All this made from scratch food is making me drool! Apple pie!!!
I got some good pics of Walker. He’s on the far left in the front with the striped shirt and hat. 🙂

I’m sure it took a small or large army of people to make this happen for our Youth. The amount of preparation, time, shopping, cooking, setting up, tearing down, and planning blows my mind! The food alone must have been a huge undertaking! Teenagers can EAT! And when they’ve been walking 8 miles a day that really revs up the appetite! 😛 Moving from location to location with all that gear for the next “stop” is no small feat! Grateful for all the people who helped make this happen!
Dipping candles. 
Leather bracelets. 
“Sweet Water River”. 😛 I love the expression on this leader’s face! “Don’t drop me, Don’t drop me, Don’t drop me!!!!” LOL!!!
Tug-O-War! This is one of the other Families from our Ward. 🙂

He really was there! Some more pics came in from other leaders! 🙂

Our Stake President, President Layton. 
Walker said he loved it and was so glad he was able to go. After the 1st little bit on the 1st day he was in the main yoke pulling the handcart the entire time! He loved being in that position helping his Family out. 🙂
The last day Walker got dehydrated. He was sick to his stomach and didn’t feel well at all. Brother Trudeau and Brother Reeves gave him a Priesthood Blessing and I’m so thankful to them for that! <3 
Bro. and Sis. Trudeau came by the house after church on Sunday and dropped off a little treat for him. They just gushed over how much they love Walker. They really got a chance to get to know him better and said they never knew how funny he is. They said they want to adopt him! LOL! He’s so kind and fun to be around. It really made Walker feel great! 🙂 It didn’t hurt mom and dad’s feelings at all either! LOL!!! It’s always nice when others see what you see in your children! 🙂

Here is a short video the Stake put together. You get a better sense of what it was like! 🙂

As I get more pictures from his Family I will add them to this post. Hopefully he’s in a few where you can see his handsome face! 😛

Trek was a success and I’m sure Walker won’t soon forget this experience! 😀

 Walker’s Family! 🙂

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