Alayna had her Championship Meet on Tuesday! 
 Her 1st race was the 50 meter Breaststroke. I didn’t have a very good angle for pics. But she’s the 2nd one from the right. 😛
You can watch her race here. 😀
 Her 2nd race was 25 meter Butterfly. She’s in the 3rd lane from the left. There is a pink towel on the chair if that helps. 😛
She raced her little heart out! You can watch that race here
Below are the final race times:
She moved down one spot in Breaststroke from the previous week but she went up one spot for Butterfly! 
We are so proud of her for giving it her best!! She has learned a hard lesson this year about sometimes no matter how hard you try you don’t come in first, but trying the very best you can do is what matters! 
Great job Alayna!!!!!

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