C-Diff is the Pits!!

This is my uniform every morning for the past few months. I look pretty hot huh!?! 😛 I spend a couple of hours scrubbing my house down in bleach a.k.a C-Diff Killer!!! It’s a total blast! 
At the end of June I had another lab done and it came back positive. (cry!!!) They put me on Dificid for another 10 days. That drug isn’t cheap. Without insurance it runs about $5k! Very grateful we hit our yearly deductible. Yesterday was my last day on the 2nd round of antibiotics. I hope and pray that it did it’s job!!!

I can’t express how tired and over this I am….the stress, anxiety, fear. and worry. Bleach is so corrosive all of the surfaces in my house are ruined. My lungs, throat and eyes burn all the time. I’m ready for some good news and a vacation!!
Please continue to keep me and my family in your prayers! <3

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