Alayna’s Swim Meet- Butterfly & Breaststroke

June 16th, I still wasn’t feel up to getting out in the AZ summer heat. Alayna competed in Butterfly and Breaststroke at her meet. Somehow she missed her age groups’ race for the Butterfly and ended up competing in the older age group doing the 50 instead of the 25!!!!
She did AWESOME!!!!!! It was twice as long and against much older kids and she placed 5th!!! I couldn’t believe it! She’s a rock star!!! Woohoo!!!!
She got in the right race for Breaststroke though! 🙂
 She placed 4th! Not too shabby! She probably would have placed even higher but of all the strokes the butterfly is one of the toughest and racing double what she is used to it tuckered her out!! Look at that smile…she’s so proud of herself! 😀
Way to kill it Alayna! It is so much fun to watch you give it your best!! Love you sweetie!

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