Let the Season Begin!!!

Here we go again! It’s time for Swim Team! 
Alayna absolutely LOVES swimming and after her Swim Team Season ended last year she asked if she could do again next year! So here we are ready to begin a new season!! 😀
She’s the one in the closest lane, goggles, and a pink kick board. 🙂
This week they have what they call Pre-Season practices. They are in the evening. After school gets out in a couple of weeks they start the regular season and practices for her age group are held at 7am! Bright and early! It’s good to get out before it gets too hot but I wouldn’t mind sleeping in a little….it is summer “break” after all…LOL!!! 
It’s worth it. She loves it so much and it’s fun to watch her improve. After practice yesterday she was pretty tired. They have them swimming 50’s right off the bat and don’t give them a lot of down time. She left fully worked out and really hungry!!! Hahaha!!
We are looking forward to seeing how she does in this older age group. Last year she did very well. She was one of the older kids and this year she is one of the younger ones. I think she will do just fine. 🙂

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