Eli’s Bday Party!

It’s been a few weeks since Eli’s birthday but things kept popping up and we weren’t able to plan his friend party. We kept it simple. He invited his buddies over to play a few games of 007. They are obsessed with this game! 😛
The big bro and little sis got to tag along too. 😛
I slaved all day int he kitchen and made him this super awesome bucket of ice cream for dessert. (just kidding :P) Thew some candles in and sung him Happy Birthday! LOL!!!!
They guys had a great time. The ice cream was a hit…cuz who doesn’t like ice cream? They were at the house all night. I think the last friend left at midnight. Those party animals!! 😛 

I had to throw this in. 😛 Look at that cute face! We were looking at some old photos of the kids and I came across this one. Eli was about a year and half old. Cutie pie!!! <3 He sure has grown!

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