He’s a Teenager!

Well it happened….Eli became a teenager!!! He’s 13 now! 
Before he went to school I ran up to Bosa Donuts and got him a super nutritious breakfast to start his day! LOL! Forgot to get a pic..sorry….You’ll just have to trust me that he loved it! 😛 
I wanted to do something special for him at school. I wanted to get him balloons, a giant bear to embarrass him that he’d have to carry around and bring him lunch. Jared felt it was “too embarrassing” so I just dropped off a pizza with a note inside. 😛
When Eli got home I asked him if he would have been embarrassed about the balloons ect. he said no…..I guess I can always do it next year! LOL!!!!
We let him choose where to go for dinner. He loves Red Robin, so that’s where we went! What a goofball! LOL!
Do you get the feeling all he did was eat??? LOL! I guess that is what teenagers do!!! 
They brought him an ice cream sundae and sang to him. But he wanted something else…..
A mile high mud pie!!!! Look at the size of that thing! It’s the size of his head!!!!! hahaha!!!! He pretty much finished that entire thing! I couldn’t believe it!
Before scripture and prayer the kids decided he needed a birthday hug/dog pile! 😛
Happy Birthday Eli! 
We are so blessed to have you in our life. You have so much to look forward to in your future. We are excited to see what lies ahead for you. We are also grateful we get to go along for the ride! You are an amazing young man. You are a natural leader and people love to be around you. You are always the life of the party and you help people to feel included and welcome. You are a “gatherer”. You have been blessed with so many talents and gifts! We love you so much!!!!!

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