Spring Break Part 2!

Saturday came and I couldn’t believe the week was gone! We hadn’t really done anything “actually” fun and I was going stir crazy being cooped up in the house for months. So we went to Joe’s BBQ for lunch and then headed over to Golfland!
The kids had never done the go carts before so we took them over there 1st to try it out. Eli wasn’t really sold on the idea. He didn’t think it was going to be fun. Walker was totally on board and Alayna was mostly nervous! LOL!!!
Turns out….Eli thought it was totally rad and wanted to do it again and again! LOL!!! He has a “serious” driving face. It’s pretty hilarious! He means business!
Apparently Alayna was justified in her nerves. She said Dad drives like a crazy person and she feared for her life the entire time! This picture kills me!!! Hahahaha!!!!! 
 Walker loved it! Which is pretty awesome to find something a teenager likes to do…LOL!
After the go carts the kids were hot and sweaty so we went inside and cooled off with some ICEE’s! 😀
Then it was time for some serious Goofy Golfing! 🙂 
We ended the day with bumper boats which was a first for everyone. 🙂
I think they got each other a little wet with spray cannons! LOL!!!
Nothing like having to wring out your clothes!! Hahaha!!
It was dinner time and Alayna picked her favorite place to eat…. Rigatony’s! 
She loves their salad. She calls it “meat salad”. LOL! It comes with salami on it. She loves her meat! 😛
It was a nice day out with the family. I wish we could have done something out of town and on a beach but what can ya do? 😛 I was just grateful to get some sunshine and see these kids with smiles on their faces. Love them to pieces!!! <3 <3 <3 

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