More Tests

Eli had to have an EKG done today. His biopsies from the endoscopy/colonoscopy came back normal, as have all of his other labs and tests. The blockage is no longer an issue so the Specialist is leaning towards Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). 
The medication they give to treat IBS can be harmful if your heart isn’t in tip top shape so they are required to do an EKG first. That really puts a mom’s mind to rest. What kind of medication is this??? 
We just heard from the doctor’s office….That was FAST! His test was normal and they will be calling in the prescription to our pharmacy. 
This medication was originally given to patients for depression. The typical dosage for that is in the 200-300mg range. However, in much lower doses they have found a lot of success treating patients who have IBS. It helps to calm the nervous system in the gut. He will start out with a half a dose which is 2.5mg for the 1st 2 weeks. If it’s not helping by that point he can increase by another half a pill for the next two weeks. He is able to continue this every two weeks up until either his pain is gone or he’s reached a maximum of 4 pills. Whichever comes first. Hopefully he won’t need that many! They are super tiny though. They are smaller than a birth control pill.
 Since he is a teenager we were also told to watch him for changes in mood/behavior. It is still a mood altering drug even though it’s a tiny dose. In teens when they are on anti-depressants they can actually swing the other way. I’m thinking to my self…he’s a teenager…this might be hard to tell what’s “normal” and what’s the drug..LOL!

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