Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

A once in a lifetime opportunity came to the youth in our Stake…and 9 other Stakes in our area. An Apostle of the Lord, Jeffrey R. Holland, came to our Stake Center, the Gilbert Greenfield Stake and spoke to the Young Men and Young Women ages 12-18 on Saturday!
Not only is he an Apostle…he’s one of our FAVORITE Apostles! <3
As leaders we tried to impress upon the youth how important this was and to prayerfully attend with questions they may want answered, seeking inspiration, and being in tune with the Spirit so they could receive any personal revelation that the Lord may have in store for them as they listen to the words of one of His Apostles. 
Walker and Eli were both able to attend and I’m so thankful they were able to have this experience! I have to admit I’m a little jealous! LOL! What an opportunity!
The youth were asked to arrive early and to leave all electronics at home. While they waited they could read “paper” scriptures ( how old school! :P) or church magazines. They were also counseled to bring a notebook to take notes. 
Walker’s Notes:
Eli’s Notes:
I think it’s very telling of each of their personalities on how they took notes. 😀 
The boys came home and shared so much with us. They were so thankful they got to be there and to see one of their favorite Apostles. We talked with them for about an hour non-stop as they told story after story that was shared! 
This is something they will always remember! What a blessing!!!!

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