Happy 9th Birthday!!

I’m pretty sure birthdays last about a week around here! 😛 
Today is Alayna’s 9th birthday!!! To celebrate…some more…she wanted to see the new Star Wars movie. 🙂 We didn’t argue. 
In fact, for the past couple of months we’ve been watching all the previous ones to get caught up and refresh our memories so we’d be ready for this new movie. 🙂
We tired to take a family selfie before we walked in. Walker was cracking us up so much! He’s a funny guy! 😛
Jared came straight from work and met us there. 
We all agreed this movie was AWESOME!! The best one yet! 
All that popcorn eating, slushy drinking, and movie watching worked up our appetites…hahaha! So After the movie Alayna chose to go to Red Robin (her most favorite restaurant on earth) for dinner. 😛
Someone spilled the beans and told them it was her birthday. The staff came out with this sundae and sang her Happy Birthday. She was a little surprised! 😛
I “may” have helped her eat that! LOL!
Happy birthday Alayna! You are such a joy in my life! I love you so much! I’m so blessed to have a daughter and more so that that daughter is you!!!

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