Alayna had her Prelims Friday night. We were supposed to be at the pool at 4pm for check-in. We got there and she warmed up and we looked at the schedule and saw she didn’t have her 1st race until 7pm! We decided to go home, have dinner, and come back at 6pm. LOL! 
The weather was actually reasonable. It’s been about 110-115 but, it was only 101. However, we still didn’t want to sit down there longer than we needed to. 😛
We came back and grabbed some shave ice to keep us cool. Alayna has been on pins and needles all week for tonight. We also had to get her a new swim suit. The 2, yes 2, suits I got her at the beginning of the season just up and gave out on her. All of the elastic just decided it didn’t have anymore strength….LOL! And of course some new goggles were in order as well. She loves the pink! 😛
The kids got to choose up to 3 strokes to race in. Alayna chose breast stroke, butterfly, and the 50 meter freestyle. 
Getting ready for the breaststroke. 
She’s in the far right lane.
She did GREAT! You can see 2 of her cheerleaders (Eli & Jared) at the other end of the pool! 😛 
Butterfly was next!
If you squint you can so those beautiful straight legs!
I didn’t get a pic of the finish. I got too wrapped up in the action. 😛
There was a lot of down time. The kids found ways to entertain themselves. 😀 Love Walker’s smile!!!
We waited, and waited and waited some more and then it was finally time for her biggest race. The 50m freestyle!
Look at that smile! She’s ready to rock this thing!!! 😀
Go sweetie, Go!!!!!!!!!
She swam her little heart out! We are so proud of her!
It was a long night. I think we got home around 9:30pm. She was tuckered out that’s for sure! They didn’t get all the times posted that night so we had to wait until this morning to find out if she made it to the Championships. They only take the top 16 from each race. 
She finished 7th for Breaststroke!
She squeaked in at 15th for Butterfly!!!
She placed 13th for 50m Freestyle!
That little stinker made it to the Championships for all 3 of her races!!!!!!! We are thrilled!!!! This is her 1st season and she is killing it!! 😀
The Championships are Wednesday night. It’s going to be VERY exciting!!!!!!!!! 😀

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