Warning: This post is photo heavy!! LOL!
Alayna had her Championships tonight…and it was a scorcher outside! 😛
She was nervous and excited all day! 😉 
Her 1st race was the breaststroke. This is her favorite stroke. 🙂
Next was butterfly. 
It cracks me up to see the different ways the kids dive in. The girls next to her look apprehensive! Haha!
The races were pretty much back to back for her. By the end of her 2nd race you can see by her expression….
she’s t-i-r-e-d! 😛
Her final race was the 50 meter freestyle.
I mean, look at the girl on the far left…hahahaha!!!! Kids are hilarious! 😀
Let’s go Laney!!!!!!
You can see in the background Coach Taylor is cheering her on! She is such a cute girl and has been a great coach! 🙂
Whew!!! She did it!!! She was exhausted going from one race to the next to the next. She really didn’t have much time to recover and it definitely affected her times. But we are SO proud of her!! 😀
Below are her times for each race with her previous times. What she placed over all out of the 16 racers in the event, and then where she placed in her heat. (There are 2 heats per event.) Sort of confusing but I think we are getting the hang of how they do things. 😛
Breaststroke- 30.76 (previous- 28.25) – 13th place- Heat 2- 5th place
Butterfly- 25.80 (previous- 27.48)- 11th place- Heat 2- 3rd place
50m- 59.46 (previous- 55.64)- 14th place- Heat 2- 6th place
As she got her ribbons she started feeling down. She was sad she didn’t get a medal and that she placed so far down. This was a good opportunity to teach her a life lesson. We explained to her that this was her 1st season and how amazing it was that she even made it to the Championships. That in and of itself is a huge accomplishment!! Not everyone was able to come tonight. We then talked about how as long as she is doing “her” very best that is all she can do. Focus on becoming the best you. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. We chatted about how hard she had worked all season and how much fun it has been. And even though she didn’t come in 1st she placed really well!! She should be proud of her accomplishments…cuz Dad and I sure are!!!!! 🙂 
She thought about what we said and she quickly turned that frown upside down! 🙂 It’s tough sometimes when we work for things and we don’t achieve exactly what we want or expect. It’s in those moments we grow though. She’s LOVED swim team this season. It’s the 1st activity she’s tried that she’s really truly loved! And that is definitely a WIN!! 😀

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