Men and Women

Eli and I were watching the President give a speech this morning. He was telling me about a girl in his class who said she wanted to be the 1st female President. I said I think we are closer to that happening than ever before. 
He then went on to say, “I think a woman President would be really good.” 
I asked, “Why do you think that?”
He replied, “I just think if you got the right woman in there, she could do a way better job than a man. I think women can do things a man just can’t.”
It’s moments like these that make parenting fun. Watching your children form ideas and discussing things with them. Hearing their views and opinions and why they think the things they do about different matters. Mostly….seeing them become pretty awesome people. 🙂 
Anyway, who am I to disagree that women rock and would make an awesome President!! LOL!! 😀

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