Disney Trip Summer 2015- Day 4

Our last day at Disneyland and again the weather was GORGEOUS! The crowds were minimal and we loved every minute of it! 🙂
Alayna wanted to cross another ride off of her list she’s never ridden before so Splash Mountain was in order first! However, the crowds were so thin we passed by Indiana Jones and it was walk on so we hopped in line, then we passed by Pirates and it was walk on, so we rode that real quick, we passed by Haunted Mansion and it too was walk on so we rode that real quick too! Then we made it to Splash, again it was walk on! Boy this is how I like to do Disney! 😛
It’s been years since I’ve ridden Splash. I forgot how fun it is! Ponchos and a change of shoes once again are the best way to ride!
As soon as we got off the kids and Jared wanted to go again. I told them I would wait for them. I was sitting at the exit and I saw so many people come off looking like they just dunked themselves in the river! LOL!! It was hilarious!!!
The second time around the boys decided they wanted to get wet and took off their ponchos! 😛
 I think Walker’s move is called the wet pants shuffle!! LOL!!!
 These guys crack me up!
Thunder Mountain was next up! They’ve added some new affects to this ride. Nothing major but it’s enough to make it feel fresh and a bit more entertaining. 🙂
Once again we worked up our appetites and had lunch at our favorite place, Cafe Orleans! We love the pommes frites an mickey mouse beignets!!! Mmmmmm! The kids also tried the Monte Cristo for the 1st time and they loved it! 🙂
After we rolled ourselves out of the restaurant we took a cruise down the jungle. 🙂
 We had an old friend join us for the voyage….
 Yup!!! That’s Donny Osmond and his 2 sons!!! That’s how the cool we are. We just travel with celebrities!! LOL!!!! 
It was a funny story actually. We got on and then everyone else loaded the boat behind us. I turn around and I saw him sitting there. I whisper to Jared…”Is that Donny Osmond????” He said, “Maybe??” He’d look one way and it seemed like a dead ringer. Then he’d look another way and it didn’t quite look like him. We just weren’t sure and we aren’t pushy people to just ask, or even want to intrude if it was. We didn’t want to draw attention to him if he just wanted to mingle with us regular folk and enjoy his own family time. 😛
However, I HAD to snap a pic just in case it was..LOL!! So I took some pics of the kids, pretended to take one of a hippo, then sneakily snapped one of him. He didn’t even know! 😛 Ya, a bit stalkerish…but I had to!!! LOL!!! 😀
I’m so glad I did too. I posted it on FaceBook and asked all of my friends if it was really him and everyone said it looked just like him. Then another friend was savvy enough to think about checking Donny’s FaceBook page and sure enough there was a post with a pic of him and his boys saying they were spending the day together at the park!!! 😀

The kids had no clue who he was. I guess that ages Jared and I. LOL!!!
After our celebrity cruise through the jungle we stopped at the castle. I had to get a pic of how pretty it looked for the Diamond Anniversary! 🙂
We asked another CM photgrapher to take a pic for us. It appears he might need a few more days of training. Framing is key…sorry Eli! :/
Oh wait! He used his camera in this photo…I guess he is tricky and wants you to buy the pic from the Photopass website. Hurm…little sad about this. 
They opened a new small land called Fantasy Faire in 2013. We’d never been so we checked it out. 
 This is Rapunzel’s tower. That’s her in the top with her hair spiraling down. At night it lights up and glows. It’s pretty cool! 
This area is not very big. It’s mostly a meet ‘n greet for Princesses. They have a Royal Theatre where they have performances like “Beauty and the Beast” and “Tangled”, which are accompanied by  live piano music.  You can also get some Renaissance inspired treats. And of course a gift shop! 😛
 We found Merida from “Brave”! 🙂
The boys really aren’t into Princesses and Alayna had a bucket list burning a hole in her pocket so we didn’t stay more than a few minutes there. 😛 
For the past several years my foot has just given me grief. I always have to rent a wheelchair when we go to places like Disney or Sea World. We rented one again this time but I really didn’t need it too much! I was so surprised and elated!!! The healing process is and has been ‘very’ slow. But it is improving bit by bit and this trip really showed me how much stronger and better it’s getting. In fact, the kids rode in the chair more than I did!! It was GREAT!!!!! Don’t get me wrong, I still needed it…but not nearly like I usually do! 😀 (Blessing #6)
Back to the trip….
Keahon had told us that they added some new things to Alice in Wonderland so I wanted to make sure we got on that. The new additions really blend well with the classic ride. It was a great update!
If you ride Alice you have to ride The Tea Cups….or at least Jared and the kids do. This is the only ride I do not care for. It makes me nauseous!!!
But they love it and have tons of fun! 😛
As we were walking towards The Matterhorn we ran into The Evil Queen from Snow White. 
She came right up to Alayna and started talking to her. It was awesome! Alayna loved every minute of it!!! 🙂 She was one of the better face characters I’ve seen. She was beautiful…for an evil queen..lol! 😛
When we ate lunch at Cafe Orleans they took a long time getting our food out to us. At the end of our meal they apologized for the unusually long wait and offered us a FastPass to any ride in the entire park! We chose The Matterhorn! They just updated the Yeti who looks pretty realistic, and the lines for that ride were at an hour or more. When the Evil Queen was done with us we walked over there, handed our FastPass over to the CM and walked right on!!! (Blessing #7)
Pretty scary huh?!? 
The new bobsleds are something to be desired. They are back breakers for sure. They used to be cuddle seats and had much more padding. These sort of feel like the wheels are square and the seat backs are plywood! lol!
We rode a few more rides….
Don’t mind the scores. Something happened with the ride and they weren’t accurate. 🙁 
I wish the camera could have captured the light better. It was a stunning view in person. 
We had dinner at Rancho del Zocalo. We’ve never eaten there and I have no idea why! It was DELICIOUS!!! It was also fairly priced for in the park. They had a new dessert there for the 60th. It’s a chocolate layered cake with passion fruit, mango and banana mousse, apricot compote smothered with a milk chocolate caramel ganache and crunchy chocolate pearls, topped with a white chocolate diamond! All I have to say is HOLY YUM!!! 😀
There was a roller coaster in Toon Town that we missed last night when we were in Disney so we went back and rode that. It’s a small and fast coaster. Great for little kids! And grownups! 😛
We also saw a show we’ve never seen. It’s called Mickey and the Magical Map. It was a great show! We all loved it!!!
Walker’s favorite character is Stitch, so I had to take a few pics of him! 🙂
 By the time the show was over the streets were packed again with people waiting for the Paint the Night Parade. We walked from the back of the park to the front and couldn’t find anywhere to sit to watch it. We ended up going to the top of the train station. Our view was obstructed but we could see it well enough. Once the parade was over masses of people filed out of the gates and we were hoping to get closer on Main St. to see the new Fireworks show, Disneyland Forever,  that followed immediately afterwards. We got down on Main St. but still it was so packed we couldn’t really see anything. I think we stayed for 2 songs and left. We actually had a better view from outside the park in the esplanade. 😛
During the parade we had gotten a message from Keahon inviting us to come down to his store, RideMakerz. He said he wanted to let the kids build a car, his treat!!! Again, we were blown away by his generosity!
We walked to Downtown Disney and met up with him there. He said anything you want, any car, accessory, decal, whatever you want it’s yours!!! The kids looked like they had won the lottery!!! We were in there for over an hour. They were in heaven! Jared and I thanked him for the trillionth time for everything. He said, seeing the smile on your faces is all the thanks I need. Have I said what an amazing guy he is???? He’s incredible! We’ve said a lot of prayers thanking Heavenly Father for his friendship and kindness! (Blessing #8)
It was after midnight by the time we got back to the hotel. We all crashed into bed!! 😀 It was a Magical Day indeed!

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