Disney Trip Summer 2015- Day 3

We woke up bright and early and were at the park by 9am when the gates opened! 🙂 We were ready to finally get this vacation rolling!!! We decided to go to DCA the 1st day. Disneyland is my favorite of the 2 parks and I like to save the best bite for last! LOL!! 😛
This year is Disneyland’s 60th Diamond Anniversary. Both parks are decorated to the 9’s in blue, diamonds, and silver! They have tons of new food offerings, parades, shows, etc to commemorate the milestone!
We made sure to get our FastPasses for Radiator Springs Racers 1st thing. That ride is so popular they run out of passes before the end of the day! 
As we were counting down the days for our trip Alayna has been extra excited!! She is now officially tall enough to ride EVERY ride at both parks. She was revved up and ready to get her fix of adrenaline!!! LOL!!!
Her first ride of the day was Grizzly River Run. 
They had several photo ops in place for the 60th Anniversary. This was one of them. The pic above was with my cell phone. The ones below were from our Photopass. I didn’t want to pay for them so I clipped them from their website. The resolution isn’t that good so I had to keep the images small. 😛 Still worth posting though! 😀
The CM photographer got a kick out of us. He said we were a great group.So willing and expressive!! LOL!!! He doesn’t know we are a bunch of hams! 😛
The moment arrived! We got our ponchos on and our flip flops and loaded onto our rafts! 
Just look at the anticipation on her face!!!!!!! LOVE IT! 😀
Speaking of ham….LOL!!!
I haven’t ever ridden this ride either. I’m usually the one that stays back with whichever child was too small, scared, or tired. 😛 I was excited too!
It is a really fun ride! Ponchos and a change of footwear are definitely recommended. I got the “wet” seat and if I hadn’t had my gear on it probably would have made for a soggy day. 😛 
Not too terribly bad! LOL! 🙂
Jared and the kids wanted to go a second time. The park wasn’t very busy at all the entire day. It was especially quiet that morning and on the water ride. It was chilly and looked like rain, so it gave them the chance to just ride again! I was ready to dry out a bit though. 😛
Here they come…..
I think Alayna’s face says it all!!! She LOVED it!!!!
Next we headed over to Paradise Pier. I spotted a churro cart and we had to get a few before our next adventure. 😛
 We got in line for Goofy’s Sky School. For a “little kid” ride, this ride scares the crap out of me!!! Hahaha!!! It literally feels like you are going to fly off the track!
We rode a few more rides and rounded the corner and spotted Jessie! Alayna wanted her autograph so we hopped in line. But wouldn’t you know it, she was done and switching out for Woody. 🙁 We were glad she came by and said good-bye to us before she left though! 😀
We really can’t complain though. Woody was SO interactive and animated with her! It was absolutely adorable! I’ll let the pics tell the story….
He asked her to Knight him…. 😀
Love her smile!
 Thanks Woody!!!!
The next BIG ride Alayna wanted to try was Screaming Over California. This is the biggest roller coaster in both parks. Most adults don’t even like this ride. It didn’t get it’s name for nothing! But this girl of ours became a Thrill Seeker! She couldn’t get enough! She rode it multiple times! Hahaha! Maybe we created a monster???? LOL!
What was that??? More ham?? LOL!!! Jared cracks me up!!!
This is also the boys favorite ride. It was really funny when they got off, they had some pretty sweet hair! 😛
The last time we were here Jared didn’t get to ride Tow Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree. It’s a simple little ride but really packs a lot of fun! It’s themed really cute too. 🙂
Grizzly River Run gave me a sweet hair do too..LOL! Nice Superman curl! Hahaha!
By then our FastPasses were up and it was time to go ride Racers!!! 😀
We won the race!!! Alayna took great pride in that fact…since she was “driving”. 😛
Tower of Terror has mixed reviews in our family….
 Jared, myself, and Eli like it…Walker and Alayna….not so much!!! LOL! That ride might be a bit above her thrill seeking level…LOL!!! Poor thing…Hahahaha!!! I love how Eli is just laughing at her/concerned for her…. 😛
 We’ve never tried the Art Animation Academy. They have a class where they teach you how to draw the different characters. We got Tigger. It was a lot of fun! It was also kinda hard. 😛 Alayna was a bit upset cuz she had to start over and they don’t give you erasers because they want you to ‘sketch’. She felt too rushed and it wasn’t her best work she said. Can you tell she loves to draw? She’s our artist for sure and wants it to be right. 😛 I think she still did a great job. I think everyone’s turned out really good actually. They all look very different, yet you can still tell they are all Tigger! It’s pretty cool! 😀
We ran into Keahon right after this as we were walking towards an ice cream cart. We like our Disney treats! 😛 We chatted for a bit and again thanked him a million times for this awesome vacation! We parted ways, as he was with his wife and daughter and some friends and he didn’t want to hold us up from getting to all that we wanted to do. 🙂 Great guy!
We rode a few more rides including Soarin’ Over California which is Jared’s all time favorite ride. Before we got on he got a call saying the van was ready. He thought he had time to ride it real quick and then go pick it up but it went a bit longer than expected. He called right after we got off and asked if it was too late to come by or if he could get it in the morning. The guy said the morning would be fine. Then a few minutes later he called back saying their parking lot was too full of cars and he’d come pick Jared up from the park!! (Blessing #5).
While Jared was getting the van the kids wanted to ride Screaming AGAIN! 😛 
Darn it! Alayna was too short! Haha!!
We rode pretty much every ride we wanted to in DCA multiple times I might add, so we decided it was time for some Disneyland magic! 😀
 I just love the feeling I get when I enter this park. 😀
We did some more window shopping and Jared caught up with us. We rode It’s a Small World, Roger Rabbit’s Cartoon Spin,  did some more shopping, grabbed some dinner, and then called it a day!
Is she a great actress or what? LOL!
As we were leaving their new parade Paint the Night was starting. This threw a huge curve ball at us while trying to exit the park. I think we took the most complicated way out you possible could! They had everything roped off and it was a bit difficult to maneuver with the masses of people walking, stopping, running your heels over…LOL!
We had a WONDERFUL day! The weather couldn’t have been more perfect and it was so great to spend some family time together! We were very tired by the time we go to the hotel and we slept like logs! Which was good…cuz we had another day of fun in store! 😀

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