Alayna’s 2nd Swim Meet

 Alayna missed her swim meet last week since we were out of town. She was dying for Thursday to come so she could compete again. This girl loves competition! 😛 
She’s in the 4th lane (standing next to the life preserver). 🙂
This week they competed in breaststroke and backstroke. 
  Getting her time….
She did SO well this week! It was a huge difference from the 1st week. We definitely think nerves played a big role in her performance last time as well as it not being the pool she normally practices in. This week she killed it!!!
 She got 2nd place in breaststroke and 3rd place in backstroke!!!! 
I was a nervous wreck the entire time! LOL! I know how much she wants to do well and to see her achieve her goal just makes me want to do cartwheels! 😀
She ran over as fast as she could after she found out she got 2nd place….and then again when she got her 3rd place ribbon. She was just beaming!!! 
We are SO proud of you Alayna! You can do hard things!! We love you! Can’t wait to see how you do next week! 😀

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