Swim Team!

This week Alayna started Swim Team! She is a little fish at home and a friend of ours from church asked if we wanted to do it with them and we thought it sounded fun.  
Alayna loves our pool. She’s already been swimming in it since Feb/March. It’s still way too cold for me! I’m a wimp! 😛
When I told her about Swim Team she was so excited! She couldn’t wait!
After the first day she came to get dried off and her first words were….”I almost died out there!” LOL!!! I asked her what happened. She said, “They don’t give you a break. I’m exhausted!” Hahaha! 
I reassured her that each day she practices she will get stronger and it will get easier. 😉
The 2nd day she was swimming underwater and she accidentally bumped into the legs of one of the life guards. He scooped her up and asked her if she was ok. She said she blushed, said yes, and kept swimming. I asked her why did you blush? Were you embarrassed? She said, “Yes, and he was kinda cute!” Oh my heavens!!!!! LOL!!! I told her she was tooooooo young to be thinking about that kind of thing!!! Hahaha! 
Yesterday, she had said she had the most fun. She said they got to race against the kid in the lane next to them and she said she beat them!!! She’s a little competitive. LOL! She also said it was much easier. She wasn’t quite as tired. Boy kids build endurance fast….
Today is the final day of the Pre-Season Practices. We’ll see what she says today. 
We’ve tried her in a few other activities and they just haven’t been her “thing”. After a week or so she loses interest. We’ve talked a lot about Swim Team and that if we sign up she was going to have to stick it out for the season. She gave me her word and I hope this is something she will love….or at least not hate! Hahaha!! Kids…. 😀
Next week they have off with it being the final week of school, and then they start up the Season on the 26th. They have Meets every week on Thursday. This is an all new experience for both of us. I’m excited for her and hope she does well. 🙂 If nothing else, this will certainly help her to perfect her strokes!

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