Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day was yesterday! Jared got me roses and the kids each made me a card. 🙂
Eli’s Card

My favorite part was of course the Haiku!!! LOL! He’s so funny! 😛
Alayna’s 1st Card 😛
Alayna made this super awesome card at school. Her letter is so sweet!
Walker’s Card
This meant so much to me. Teenagers don’t always tell you things. My heart melted when he said he likes spending time with me in the morning! 😀
Alayna’s 2nd Card
Alayna is so sentimental…and this cracked me up! 
We went to church and as soon as we got home these 3 guys got to work on my Mother’s Day English style High Tea luncheon!
Look at how hard they are working!!! <3 <3 <3
The Hors d’oeuvres! So fancy! 😛
Had to get a few pics in with my beautiful kids! 😀
The family before we dig in!
Isn’t it gorgeous?!? I’ve always wanted my own tea party!!! 
The boys made 3 kids of sandwiches, we had about 5-8 different kinds of tea, (don’t worry it was caffeine free! 😛 ), plus homemade lemonade for those who found out they didn’t like! 
 Jared said it wasn’t official unless I held my pinky up while eating my sandwich! 😛
The rest of the day we laid around and watched “Beauty and the Beast”, cuz it’s English too…lol! 
For dinner Jared made us Pommes Frites which turned out REALLY good, and we had lots of snacks and pizza, and of course chocolate fudge cake, because you know, we hadn’t quite pigged out enough! Haha!
It was a very nice day.
 Jared and the kids made me feel very special and thought of. It was perfect! 🙂

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