Meet Kura!

Meet the newest member of the Kitch family!!! Eli is the proud father of a sweet new baby girl named Kura! 🙂
As a part of his school assignment he is taking care of this (sugar) baby. It’s to teach the kids responsibility. Kura must stay with him at all times. If he is unable to care for her, he has to find a babysitter. Lucky for him, Alayna is a VERY eager babysitter and wants to watch her every chance she can!!! 
Thankfully we already had a car seat in the van to ensure a safe ride to school this morning!! 
This project is always fun. I love to watch Eli carry that sack of sugar around the house, to the store, to bed at night! 🙂 
This morning as he was buckling her in Alayna says, “I think Eli is going to be a really good Daddy!” I certainly agree!!! 😀 (Just not until he’s 25! Hahaha!)

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