Good-Bye Elementary School!!!

Yesterday was Eli’s 6th Grade Promotion Ceremony!!! 
He was also apart of the Color Guard for the Flag Ceremony. 🙂
I thought we’d left plenty early to get a good seat. Apparently 30 min. wasn’t early enough. We still ended up sitting alllll the way in the back of the gym. It worked out ok though, I had a great vantage point for this! 🙂
The BIG moment arrived. They called his name, and his teacher Mr. Preble handed him is certificate and shook his hand. 🙂
See ya later elementary school!!!!!!!
I mean…look at that SMILE!!!! He’s one happy dude! Love it!!! 😀
Eli requested strawberry cheesecake for his celebration….so of course the graduate got his wish! 🙂
We are so proud of you Eli! The last 7 years have been filled with ups and downs and a lot of learning, both academically and personally. We are so proud of the choices you have made and how hard you’ve applied yourself. You have shown us what it means to persevere, to always keep trying, and never give up! You know how to dig deep and rise to over come obstacles. You continue to show us by example what it means to be a good friend, brother and son. Your laugh lights up every room in the whole house! You bring excitement and energy wherever you go. People are drawn to your clever wit and sense of humor. You never sit too long and love to engage with others in any type of activity. You thrive on being active. You are constantly making up games, inviting others to play games, or figuring out how to master a game! Your thirst for solving puzzles and problems is so fun to watch! You are growing into an amazing young man. Your Dad and I feel so blessed to be your parents! There is never a dull moment when you are around! We love you so much! We know you are going to crush it in Jr. High! 
Love you son!!!!! 😀

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