Walker’s Golden Scholar!!!

 Today Walker’s High School held their Golden Scholar Ceremony. I’m not sure why they do it during the day, but we were there with bells on to cheer him on! 😛
They divided the Freshman & Sophomores in one ceremony and then they do the Juniors & Seniors afterwards. I think It’s because the auditorium can’t hold everyone. 
Walker has been working very hard this year. It’s his first year in High School and he’s handled the transition very well. He has all Honors Classes and one AP Class. His GPA is 4.2! He amazes me!!!
Left to Right: Nelson, Chase, & Walker
 Walker’s best buds! Chase and Walker are best friends. It’s so neat to watch them grow up together!
Alayna wanted to come and support her big brother! She was so proud of him! It was pretty cute! 🙂
We took him out of school early and went to get his favorite breakfast…bagels! We dropped Alayna back to school and Walker is now relaxing doing his “teenager” thing. LOL!!
Great job Walker!!! We know how hard you’ve worked this year. You deserve to be recognized for your dedication! We love you!

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