Happy Easter!

How is it already Easter!?! This year is going way too fast! 
This year we tried a new countdown for Easter. We usually do a 30 Day Countdown, based on The Living Christ. You can see the tree in the background on the wall behind Alayna we use for that activity. This year we decided to focus specifically on the week leading up to Easter. The events that transpired each day leading up to Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection. That’s what the papers on the wall are.It was fun to change it up and do something new. We all learned a lot this week! 🙂

The kids did the traditional dying of Easter Eggs. 🙂

Then wanted to smash them on each other’s heads…cuz that’s what Christ teaches right?!? “Love thy neighbor”…LOL!!!

Eli had a cool affect on one of his eggs. Reminded us of Spider-man. 😛

 These were the kids’ favorites. 🙂
We had the family come over for Easter Brunch. Then it was time for the Easter egg hunt! Look at how big these kids have gotten! 😛 
Easter 2011
Easter 2015
 The Egg Hunt began and they were off!!!!
While they were doing that…Jared and I were making out…LOL! Just kidding….:D
It has been YEARS since my family has taken a picture together. I’m not even sure why, but as we were getting things ready for Easter, I realized it’s been too long and really wanted to make sure we got one this year. 
May 2008
April 2015
 It was a beautiful Sabbath Day! The weather was gorgeous, the food was excellent, and the company was wonderful! 🙂 
Happy Easter!!!!

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