Eli’s Roman Colosseum

It’s that time of year when the BIG 6th grade Social Studies project is due! Eli has been studying Rome and he rolled the die and he was the lucky winner of making The Roman Colosseum! 😛
We had to use so much geometry that we hadn’t used in years to try to figure out how to make this all fit together right. Thank goodness Walker happens to be taking it this year in H.S.!!! 😛
Let’s take a closer look at that epic lion!!! LOL! 😛 
On Eli’s checklist of items his structure needed to have it stated, “Royal Entrance”. However, Jared had a major issue with this, since the Roman’s didn’t have royalty!!! LOL! 
I learned a lot as we worked on this with him. Great job Eli!!!! 😀


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