Eli Got Braces!!!

 Twelve is a big year! You get to re-model your room, you are preparing for Jr. High, preparing to receive the Priesthood (if you are a boy. 🙂 ), and you get braces! 😛
I like to get picture before each appointment…I think the sun was a bit intense! LOL!
This is a little better! 🙂
Ok, this one is the best! 😀
The initial appointment is long. About 1.5 hours. They take take your money (LOL!), images, prep the teeth, stick this awesome thing in your mouth, apply the brackets and place the wires. 😛
Eli was pretty scared. He didn’t sleep very much last night and he was vibrating with nerves when we were in talking with the gal that handles the financial portion of things. She gave him 2 tablets that melt under the tongue to help dry up the saliva and once she handed them to him, his face turned white! Poor kid. 
He did really well. We were surprised that they already put him on a rubber band regiment, and they also placed bumpers on the back side of his 2 front teeth. Eli has a cross bite, which the rubber bands will help correct. He also has a deep bite. His top teeth almost completely cover his bottom teeth when he bites down. So the bumpers are there to ensure he doesn’t knock his bottom brackets off while we wait for the braces to do their magic and get everything where it’s supposed to be. 🙂
Doesn’t he look great!?! 🙂
He’s happy to have it all done. We are trying to stay on top of the Tylenol so he doesn’t get too sore. We’ve stocked up on yogurt, popsicles, and soft foods. The 1st three days are the toughest for soreness/pain. 
We took him to Wendy’s for a burger before he got too sore. That was a mistake. 🙁 He already knocked off and accidentally ate one of the bumpers from the back of one of his teeth…LOL!!!! OOPS! 😛 We called Dr. Frost’s office. We are scheduled to go back this afternoon to get it fixed! Oh the joys of orthodontia! 😛
Two years and that smile is going to be even more handsome than it is now. Watch out ladies!!!

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