Invention Fair & Fancy Day!

Today was “Fancy Day” at school. The kids looked mighty ‘fancy’! 😛
 It was also the 6th Graders’ Invention Fair!
He always makes this face when I ask for a smile. It cracks me up! It’s his….”I’m so cool and handsome face!” LOL!!
 Eli made “The MechaDrawer”. He did all of the work himself. It turned out great! I love that he is so independent. He enjoys the planning, creativity, and execution of his ideas. And I love watching the process! 😀
Here is the flyer that explains what it can do. 🙂 
Disclaimer: Jared did help him a tiny bit putting the flyer together in photoshop. But photoshop is hard…lol!!
He got 100% for his grade and he was so proud of himself. It was fun going into the class and hearing him give his presentation. 
With all of his independence, he also doesn’t like Mom hanging around too long. As soon as he was done, he didn’t acknowledge us again……stinker! We went through the rest of the classrooms and checked out the rest of the ideas the other kids came up with. There are some pretty creative kids! 🙂
Great job Eli!

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