South Valley Jr. High Invitational for 6th Graders

All of the 6th Graders from the elementary schools that feed into SVJH were invited to perform at the Jr. High last night. The 7th & 8th Graders showed them around, and fed them tons of pizza and cookies. 🙂 It’s a fun way to help the up coming band students to see what they can be a part of if they choose to stick with band. 
Can you see Eli in the sea of kids? He’s pretty much dead center wearing grey and a big grin! LOL! 😀 I love it when my kids spot me in the audience!
Alayna was my date last night. Jared had school and Walker had mountains of homework. So it was just the girls last night! 😀 
That’s a LOT of kids!!! These are all the 6th Grade Students. Mr. Bannon is directing them. He is working really hard to grow the music program. The numbers are steadily increasing which I love! Band was the BEST! 😀
This wasn’t all of the kids there. The 7th Graders were just about this same size in numbers, and the 8th graders were a little bit less. There were so many bodies in that gym it was like a sauna! All the bands sounded REALLY good! I was quite impressed!!
After the show I asked Eli to let me get his picture…He’s such a HAM!!!!!
Oh, So, Cooooool!!! LOL!
Driving up to the Jr. High last night hit it home for me that Eli is growing up so fast! He will be attending school there next year! I’m really excited for him. I think being able to have different teachers/classrooms will be good for him. He will have P.E. everyday too. Eli is very kinetic. He has to move around or he just starts ‘buzzing’!! LOL! It’s sort of a running joke in the family. He just vibrates with energy! 😛 We love that kid…energy and all! <3

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