Eli’s 11 Year Old Scout Camp Out

Friday night Eli went to his 1st overnight Scout Camp Out at Barney Park here in Gilbert. 🙂
This is such a fun event the Boy Scouts put together. Jared was able to go with him and take some pictures of all the great activities they were involved in. 
1st task at hand was to set up camp and get the tents up. 
The boys starting work on the catapult they needed to have completed for the next day. Bro. Watt on the far right is the 11 Year Old Scout Leader. He’s one of our good friends. Bro. Jacobson is in the center he’s one of the Assistant Leaders. 
Eli was running across the field while the other boys decided to throw flour bombs at him. 😛
 I love the fire pit they had! That’s my kind of camping! LOL! They had s’mores and Bro. Watrous brought Pillsbury bread which they wrapped around a stick and cooked. Eli said it was SOOO good! 🙂
The boys making a tee-pee! 
Archery was next. Eli was very consistent with his shots. All that practicing in the back yard is paying off! 😀
This is a bean game. I don’t know what else to call it. One side of the bean has a black dot on it. You try to flip your plate/beans until all the beans show the dot. Eli said he was really good at it. 😛
The boys had a ball and short stick. The object of this game was to be the first to get your ball across the field. Eli won! 🙂
To end the activities the boys got to finish their catapults and fire flour bombs at the opposing teams. 
This is messy, fun, and maybe a little painful! 😛 LOL!!!
They decided the catapults were taking too long and started firing on each other! They had such a great time!

To end the day they had a flag retreat. I love our flag. It’s so pretty! 
The boys came home hot, sweaty, stinky and TIRED! All the things that make up a great camp out! 

When Eli turns 12 in April the Deacon’s Qurom go on camping trips about once a month. So this is just a warm up to more adventures! 

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