Court of Honor

Walker and Eli had their Court of Honor last night. Eli is the Sr. Patrol Leader for his Troop and was given the responsibility of telling those in attendance what the 2nd Class Rank involves. 🙂
Eli also earned 3 merit badges as well. He’s been working very hard in Scouts. 🙂 
Walker is a Varsity Scout now and they handed out pins for basketball and shared some slides from the camp-out they went on a month ago. Unfortunately, Walker isn’t a fan of basketball and didn’t attend any of the practices/games and  he wasn’t able to go on the camp-out because he wasn’t feeling well. However, his group is starting training for a Triathlon in April and their Scout Camp this summer is up in Beaver, UT and sounds like it’s going to be awesome! Lots of fun things coming up!! 🙂

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