The 2nd Annual Kitch Polar Bear Club!!!!

 Jared was able to gather new members for The Kitch Polar Bear Club this year! He had a 200% increase!! 😛
Their faces crack me up! They weren’t so sure what they had signed up for! LOL!
Wait….one of the members “forgot” to jump!!!!
Alayna was a CHAMP and was hardly fazed by the frigid icey water! She’s a beast!!!! 😀
Jared on the other hand looks like he’s in a LOT of pain!!!!! Hahahahaha!!!! Priceless! I’m dying laughing at his face! 😀
We had hot fresh towels straight from the dryer for our club members to warm up with. Notice Walker is our camera man. He wanted NO part of the club! LOL!
It was a BRISK 42 degrees…..BRRRRR!!!
 Jared cracks me up!!!!! LOL!
Eli finally decided to join in on the fun!
He couldn’t get out of the water fast enough! It was hilarious!!! Hahaha!
On his way out he said, “Oh my gosh!!!It HURRRTS!!!” Hahahaha!!!
 Never fear….Dad was there with some warm towels and a hug!! 😀
Happy New Year from The Kitch’s!!!!

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