Christmas Eve-2014

As is tradition we went to Grandma and Grandpa Morrison’s for Christmas Eve. 
My Step Grandma Morrison and her fellow Rod made it over this year too. It was good to see them. They will be moving back East soon. 
 Everyone was there this year except for Robin. She was sick and contagious so she was nice enough to not “share” with the rest of us. 🙂 We did miss her though.

The kids were spoiled rotten as usual. Alayna LOVED this baby animal doll Grandma got for her. She wouldn’t put it down. 🙂
We chatted, ate til we couldn’t move and had a nice evening as a family. 🙂
My favorite gift from Grandma (Mom) this year were these super awesome light-up earrings that twinkled different colors!! LOL! She cracks me up!
We got home and tucked the kids in. Santa can’t come if you’re awake you know! 😉
A few hours later I heard a noise and went out to find the Jolly Guy had come. I took a quick picture and went back to bed. I knew morning would come even earlier than usual…as it does on every Christmas Day! hahaha!

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