Teacher’s Quorum Secretary

We have some exciting news! Walker was called as the Teacher’s Quorum Secretary on Sunday! 😀
I just threw this in here cuz he just got his school pics back today! 😛 He’s so handsome!!! 😀

Jared hurt his back and so neither one of us was there. Bishop Hawk asked him if he’d rather wait to be set apart until next week and he said, “No. Let’s just do it.” 
What a stinker!!! We wanted to be there!
Oh well. 
We are still happy and proud of him. This is his 2nd time being Secretary in one of his Quorums. 🙂
President- Aaron Merrill
1st Counselor- Bracken Trudeau
2nd Counselor- Corbin Bollschweiler
Secretary- Walker Kitch

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