Charlotte’s Web

Alayna and her class went to see the play “Charlotte’s Web” yesterday. It was put on by the Child’s Play Theater in Tempe. I was one of the lucky few parents that go to go as a chaperone. 🙂
Once we got to the theater we sat and had lunch and waited for our turn to head in.  
There was a little down time before we could enter the theater, so the kids had time to visit. My cell phone is awful and I tried to capture this scene a few times, but this was the best I could get. I just want you to look closely at this scenario. What do you notice?
If you said, Alayna is the only girl among 5 boys and the center of their attention you would be correct! I sat back and watched her the whole time telling these boys what to do and what game they were going to play and making them laugh. It was too much!!! 😛 Need I remind you she’s 7!! Heaven help us! LOL!
The play was so cute and I may have had to wipe away a tear or two when Charlotte dies. At this age the kids are still mesmerized by the magic of make believe. The Child’s Play Theater Company always does a wonderful job!
On the way home Alayna’s little friend Jake S. asked her to sit with him. My feelings were only slightly hurt. I sat across from them to keep a clear eye on them. LOL!! They both giggled all the way home. 
I’m not sure if she gets along so well with boys because she has 2 older brothers or what it is. It seems like most of the other girls in her class wouldn’t be caught dead sharing a seat with a boy. I’m glad she’s confident in who she is and she can be friends with everyone. But as her Mom I hope these boys know I’m not afraid to come after them if they get fresh! Hahaha!!

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