Walker’s 14th Bday Party

It’s been a few weeks since Walker turned 14. July has been so busy with summer schedules we finally were able to get all of his buddies together to celebrate! 🙂
The guys got here around 1pm and they played video games, made alterations to their characters for D&D, and ate everything in sight!!!! I need to learn how to cook for an army now. These boys have insane appetites! 😛
 Jared got home around 3:30pm and the nerdom began! 🙂
They played, they ate, and ate and ate….and then we decided it was time for some cake!
 I LOVE this pic! 1st of all that shirt is hilarious! We found that at Goodwill the other day and he HAD to have it! 😛 And that smile is infectious!!!!!
I also love that these big guys were so patient and kind towards one little girl who wanted to help out so badly! They are a great bunch of friends! 
I made the traditional Oreo Ice Cream Cake…they devoured that in 2.2 seconds! 😉 Then it was time to go out and burn some of that energy off in the pool!
Jared and I were laughing so hard watching them play these made up games. It was a riot! Those guys cheat so bad!!!! LOL!!
They all obliged and let me take an action shot…it’s blurry but it’s funny to see all of their different expressions. 😀
The party went until midnight…and I confess I went to bed around 10pm. Jared continued to DM for them and they gamed all night long. It was a fun party!!!!

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