Pretty Momma

Jared went out to trim our catclaw vine out front and he found this sweet Momma and her babies had made it their Summer home!
The vine was in dire need of some TLC so he had to move their nest down lower on the pillar. We thought for sure she would abandon the nest. To our pleasant surprise she didn’t! 
Everyday we go out there and check on her and her babies. It’s been so fun watching them! 🙂
I’ve seen the daddy flutter in and out periodically bringing food. Today he came when I was out there taking this picture and he wasn’t too pleased to see me. He was chirping and squawking at me to get lost! LOL!
I tried really hard to snap a pic of him too but it’s really hard to get a clear pic of a humming bird. They flitter around so fast!
I might try a again tomorrow. 😛

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