Walker’s Final Band Concert for Jr. High!

The end of the school year is rapidly approaching and with it comes final exams, final projects, and final performances!
This was Walker’s final band concert in Jr. High. I think he was happy about that! 🙂 The way the band instructor coordinates the percussion is …for a lack of a better word….DUMB! I won’t go into detail but as a former band student I would have gone crazy! Good news is next year he will be in High School and the band program is MUCH different and he’ll get the instruction time he needs. 🙂
 I have to admit I’m really excited he’s going to be in marching band. I guess you never really stop being a band nerd. 🙂
 Their final concert was based on the Civil War. They had a power point presentation that went along with their music. It was really good! 🙂
Walker is the one in the very back on the left standing next to the brass bells. 
At the end of the concert we got to watch the video clip with the music they performed at Disney. I really wish we were allowed to record it..but Disney is very protective of their copy rights. 😛 They did an awesome job and they sounded wonderful!!! 
Mr. Bannon also put together a slide show of pics from the trip of all the kids set to the music of “Frozen” of course! It was cute. 
So here we are another performance down and a week left of school. It’s all coming to an end quickly and I’m scurrying behind trying to keep up!!! 🙂

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