Walker Went to DISNEYLAND!!!!!!

Walker left on Friday for his Disney trip. He finally got home this morning and he filled us on all the fun and antics over the past few days. Even better, he took some pictures for his dear ‘ol Mom! What a good boy! LOL!! 😀
They woke up bright and early and got to the Park for their Music Workshop. He said it was pretty cool and he got to play the bells. He’s in percussion but he seems to really like playing the bells over drums. 🙂 Must be from all those years of piano playing. They were in the workshop until about 1:30pm. Then they were free to run about and enjoy to their heart’s content!!!
 Major bummer so many rides were down for refurbishment. 🙁
Walker is the one in the 2nd row on the left. 🙂
 Walker and his buddy and fellow percussionist Andrew waiting in line for Star Tours. 
Walker and another percussionist friend John in line at Astro Blaster.
Walker and his friend Alex who is a percussionist and in our Ward. 🙂
They had a Elvis impersonator performing while he was there. 
He said this was the by far the BEST school trip he’s ever been on. Even better than Oceanography in 5th grade. That’s saying a lot because he LOVED Oceanography. 🙂
We are so happy for him that he got to take part in such an exciting experience. He will remember this trip forever. 🙂 I’m glad he’s home safe and sound! 

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