Alayna & Mr. Don’s Show & Tell

Alayna had a fun day at school today. As if our Friday wasn’t jam packed with enough fun things, her teacher’s husband came into the class for a little Show & Tell!
Mr. Don came and told the kids all about hockey. He used to play and was very good. He brought in all of his old gear and let the kids check everything out. 🙂 (Alayna is all the way in the back.)
He asked for a volunteer and Alayna was the LUCKY duck that was chosen!!! She got to be his “model”. I just love Mrs. Smith’s face in the back! LOL!
This is so adorable!! That face she’s making is priceless. She makes that face when she’s feeling a little happy, shy, and embarrassed all at the same time. She’s such a good sport!!!
Now she’s ready to play some hockey!!!!! If she could move! LOL!
Alayna had such a fun time and she said that Mr. Don let them smell his hockey glove…gross!!!! Hahaha! She said she thought it smelled good! bleck! Kids are funny!!!
We love Mrs. Smith! We’ve had her for 3 years now and I’m so grateful for teachers like her! I wish there were more of them out there!!!!

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