The King!

It’s that time of year again….Pinewood Derby!!! 
This is the last pinewood derby car Jared & our boys will make. I think everyone gave a sigh of relief with this news at the end of the races this year! 🙂
Eli has gone with the “Cars” theme from Pixar. This year he made King. 
Eli & his buddy Amir. Eli recuited Amir into Cubs. 🙂
Eli’s 3 cars from all his races. His 1st car was Lightening (center), 2nd Ramone (right), and 3rd King (left).
Jared and Eli really did a great job! 
Our boys like to go for “style” over speed. We’ve never won…but their cars are keepsakes and they proudly display them in their rooms! 🙂 Great job Eli!!!

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