Sheridan Wedding

We have been  friends with The Sheridan’s since Walker and their son Jeremiah were in Kindergarten together. So about 8-9 years now. Over the weekend they got married and they asked me to make their wedding cake. It was my privilege. 
I had helped Paula with her mother’s funeral when she passed a way a couple of years ago. I was happy to be there for her in a more happy time that day! 🙂 I also took pictures for her throughout the evening. 
I love that their girls are looking so intently on their mother as she says her vows to their father and their son is visibly happy about this moment too. 🙂  
Then it was time to cut the cake and it appears Jeremiah took one for the team!!! 🙂 He was a great sport!
It was a great evening and I was so happy to be able to help and take part in their special day! Congratulations guys!

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