Unicorn of the Sea

Eli has his Oceanography Project due today. He was given the Narwhal. 
Narwhals are pretty strange looking creatures I have to admit. Eli did a lot of research and had to prepare a 2-5 min. presentation to go along with it. We all learned a lot more than we knew before when he was done. 🙂
It’s a bit tough to read …. “Fun Facts” :

un Facts!
The average weight of a narwhal is 3,500 lbs.
They grow from 13 to 20 feet.
Narwhals use their forehead to ‘feel` sound
waves and hear each other as they bounce through water.
Their squeals or whistles can make humans deaf.
They travel in pods of 4-20 whales, and are
often separated by gender.
Narwhals use their tusk to joust when courting.
 They live to be up to 50 years old.
If they don’t migrate then they can be trapped
under ice.
Their skin has lots of vitamin C.
They are called “corpse whales” because they can
swim belly up for several minutes.

He’s so excited for his BIG trip!!! Nice job Eli! 🙂

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